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Citigroup’s Robyn Karnauskas and Mohit Bansal have the latest update on Gilead Sciences’ (GILD) hepatitis-c treatment prescriptions: Gilead Sciences IMS released data for the week ending 3/11/2016 this AM. Gilead HCV continues to hold ground at 94% share… Gilead HCV franchise was slightly down w/w in terms of new starts and holds 94% share among the new patients. We are in week #6 of new competition launch. However, new pt. starts are tracking 3% below last Q (QTD). Total scripts are tracking ~9% below last Q and pointing to 1Q16 sales at $2.16B vs. $2.46B consensus. VA sales are a big unknown as lack of budget impacted Q415 sales. We do not think IMS fully captures VA sales and their annual budget of $1.5B (for HCV) could be the differentiating factor. In Q415, IMS projected volume decline of 10% but actual decline was 27% due to lower VA sales. Top … Continue reading

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Despite their best efforts, the Bears couldn’t inflict too much damage on the stock market today. Getty Images The S&P 500 dipped 0.04% to 1,939.38 today, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 0.1% to 16,449.18. The Nasdaq Composite ticked up 0.1% to 4,620.37. The S&P had dropped as much as much as 1% earlier today. The bounce came despite crude oil’s 5.9% drop to $31.62 a barrel today. Wells Fargo’sPaul Christopher explores the risks of lower oil prices, but thinks that crude could be putting in a bottom: Oil prices have not moved closely with equity prices historically, but the recent drop in oil prices poses two related risks for equities. First, the imbalance in the oil market comes from an oversupply. The process of rebalancing global oil markets may fall heavily on U.S. energy producers, triggering layoffs and spending cuts to the detriment of an already-weak U.S. manufacturing … Continue reading

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Susquehanna’s Pablo Zuanic and Svetozar Stefanovic offer five reasons not to buy Coca-Cola (KO) following yesterday’s 4.8%earnings-induced drop: Elise Amendola/Associated Press We are cutting our price target to $39 (we now take a 5% peer premium). We have five concerns (including the valuation premium): comps get tougher so it is not clear how Coca-Cola meets 2016 sales guidance; we think the long term sales growth algorithm is too ambitious; we also see risk of a profit margin miss (1Q trends were helped by timing of expenses); we argue refranchising benefits may be less than anticipated. There is no denying challenging macro issues globally (FX, economic growth, purchasing power) are a factor, but as we explain here, structural issues trump cyclical issues among our concerns. While we are not calling for tobacco-like valuation multiples for carbonated soft drink companies, we see downside risk at Coca-Cola. Still, we maintain our Neutral rating … Continue reading

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Related AAPL Cloud Suppliers Are 'Dramatically' Increasing Spending In 2016, But Why? Aranca Research Speculates Apple, Exxon Could Buy a Significant Amount of Stock Job Growth Slows And Exports Fall, Both For Third Straight Month (Investor’s Business Daily) Over the past three months, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares have lost more than 55 percent as investors worried about the company’s sagging iPhone sales. The firm was a market darling in 2015, delivering huge returns to shareholders, but this year, the company’s shine has faded significantly following a lackluster fourth-quarter earnings report. Hot Safest Companies To Buy For 2016: Inc.(SOHU) Inc. provides online media, search, and game services on personal computers (PCs), mobile devices, and tablets in the Peoples Republic of China. It operates brand advertising business that offers advertisements on its Websites to companies;, which provides online news and information; mobile portal and Sohu News … Continue reading

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A number of years ago, Warren Buffett referred to derivatives as “financial weapons of mass destruction.” Since then, Wall Street has tried to pooh-pooh this description, but the facts speak for themselves. See Also: 7 Best Dividend Stocks for a Rocky Market What is a derivative? Basically, it’s a bet couched as a complex financial instrument. Investopedia defines a derivative as “a security with a price that is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlying assets.” More simply put, two institutions, usually banks, bet on the direction of an underlying asset, which might be stocks, bonds, interest rates, gold, currencies or indexes. For a more entertaining if depressing explanation, see the movie “The Big Short.” Initially, derivatives were a hedge on a position held by the bank. For example, if a bank had a large portfolio of corporate debt, the portfolio manager might protect that position by using … Continue reading