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It’s fair to say that Bank of America (NYSE: BAC  ) is the pariah of the banking world. It found itself at the bottom of the heap in a J.D. Power survey of mortgage customers; it was the worst-performing bank on last year’s American Customer Satisfaction Index; and the industry publication American Banker recently announced that it has the lousiest reputation among both customers and noncustomers of any large lender in the country. But I was nevertheless surprised at the outpouring of vitriol that our readers heaped on the nation’s second-largest bank by assets in a series of articles that I’ve written of late. In one detailing allegations of abuse under the 2009 Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, readers lambasted the bank for a multitude of slights. “If [Bank of America] were a person it would be in prison,” one reader noted. “I hate that my mortgage was sold to … Continue reading

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Shares of GameStop (NYSE: GME  ) have doubled since hitting a 52-week low near $15 last summer. However, GameStop stock dropped precipitously last week, from more than $39 on Monday to $32.35 by early Friday afternoon. GameStop Stock, 1-Year Price Chart, data by YCharts. Which of these is the “real” GameStop? Is this a long-undervalued stock finally getting its due, or a falling knife? I think the latter is more likely to be the case. The GameStop business model is being disrupted from multiple angles, such as: (1) the growth of mobile gaming, (2) new innovations that will enable “cloud”-based gaming, and (3) changes in the video game distribution landscape. As a result, while management is confident that the company will return to earnings growth next year, I think the company could be entering a permanent decline. The launch of new game consoles from Sony (NYSE: SNE  ) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT  ) … Continue reading

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Amgen Inc. (0.2%) (AMGN – $111.94 – NASDAQ)(AMGN) is one of the largest biotechnology companies in the world, with medicines for cancer, kidney dialysis, osteoporosis, and other conditions. Given its large size and mature product portfolio, revenue growth has slowed, but the company has been able to cut costs and repurchase shares to sustain double digit earnings per share growth. Earlier this year, Amgen offered to acquire Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc. (less than 0.1%) to bolster its oncology portfolio, with Nexavar for liver cancer and Kyprolis for blood cancers. On Aug 25, after a brief auction, Amgen agreed to pay $125 per share, or $10.4 billion, for Onyx. While initially dilutive to earnings, this acquisition provides significant visibility into Amgen’s future, with two blockbuster drugs that could eventually generate over $5 billion in annual sales. From Mario Gabelli (Trades, Portfolio)’sthird quarter 2013 commentary. Also check out: Mario Gabelli Undervalued Stocks Mario … Continue reading

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DELAFIELD, Wis. (Stockpickr) — Professional traders running mutual funds and hedge funds don’t just look at a stock’s price moves; they also track big changes in volume activity. Often when above-average volume moves into an equity, it precedes a large spike in volatility. Read More: Warren Buffett’s Top 10 Dividend Stocks Major moves in volume can signal unusual activity, such as insider buying or selling — or buying or selling by “superinvestors.” Unusual volume can also be a major signal that hedge funds and momentum traders are piling into a stock ahead of a catalyst. These types of traders like to get in well before a large spike, so it’s always a smart move to monitor unusual volume. That said, remember to combine trend and price action with unusual volume. Put them all together to help you decipher the next big trend for any stock. Read More: 5 Hated Stocks … Continue reading

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Back in the old days, a child could ask, “Daddy, what was the top-performing stock mutual fund last year?” And the father could confidently look in his newspaper and say, “Why, it was the Amalgamated Growth fund, up 12%, child.” Today, however, the father would answer, “Why, it’s the ProFunds Biotechnology Ultrasector Fund, up 114.6%, child.” The child would narrow her eyes and ask, “What’s the No. 2 fund?” And the father would say, “Why, it’s also the ProFunds Biotechnology Ultrasector Fund, up 112.5%, child.” There would then be a lengthy discussion of the differences between mutual fund share classes and the definition of “ultrasector,” and the use of futures and options in mutual funds, at which point the tearful child would declare that Santa is dead and that there is no good in this world worth fighting for. Top 5 Performing Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Ho me … Continue reading