Broadcom Ltd (AVGO) President and CEO Hock E Tan Sold $5.3 million of Shares

President and CEO of Broadcom Ltd (NASDAQ:AVGO) Hock E Tan sold 20,000 shares of AVGO on 03/15/2018 at an average price of $264.13 a share. The total sale was $5.3 million. Broadcom Ltd is engaged in designing, developing and supplying analog and digital semiconductor connectivity solutions. Its product portfolio serves wired infrastructure, wireless communications, enterprise […]

Hot Blue Chip Stocks To Own Right Now

Have you ever “unplugged” from your cell phone? If you have, you’ve likely experienced the phenomenon of phantom vibrations — the perception that your phone is ringing or vibrating when in fact it’s not. (In the 1990s, people reported incidences of “phantom pager syndrome.”) We’ve become so accustomed to being “connected” that for many it […]

Hot Stocks To Watch For 2018

Have you ever wondered why some investors consistently profit from the financial markets while the majority barely break even or even lose money over time? It almost seems that these winning investors have some secret formula or magical ability to extract money from the markets year after year. I’ll admit, this question has bothered me. […]

Hot Medical Stocks To Own Right Now

&l;p&g;&l;img class=&q;dam-image shutterstock size-large wp-image-782613298&q; src=&q;×0.jpg?fit=scale&q; data-height=&q;640&q; data-width=&q;960&q;&g; Shutterstock When Congress and the White House develop health or long-term care policy, they hear plenty from providers, drug or medical device makers, and scores of other lobbyists and advocates for various interests. But they rarely hear from family caregivers &a;mdash; those people in the trenches who […]

Hot Safest Stocks To Watch Right Now

Our Long Idea reports aim to identify those firms that the market has overlooked and that, when analyzed beyond standard metrics, are significantly undervalued. These hidden gems provide excellent upside potential to any portfolio, with little downside risk. In addition to individual Long Ideas, we provide Model Portfolios that provide well-screened lists of companies based […]