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In what has been an extremely iffy year for the E&P sector, Noble Energy (NYSE:NBL) is an outlier in many respects. Not only has the stock done quite well over the past year, but that’s even with a gas-heavy reserve base and exposure to the Gulf of Mexico two things that the market has really soured on in general. Clearly this is a situation where digging a little deeper is warranted. Noble Energy is doing so well in part because of its very successful drilling program in northern Colorado, it’s large gas discoveries off the coast of Israel, and a very compelling outlook for debt-adjusted production growth over the next three to five years. Honestly, the question today doesn’t seem to be so much about whether Noble is a top-notch emerging mid-tier energy company, but rather what to pay for all of that. SEE: Oil And Gas Industry Primer … Continue reading

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Bob Doll, Nuveen Investments’ chief equity strategist and senior portfolio manager, expects broader and strong but still moderate economic growth in the U.S. and globally in 2014. Speaking Tuesday at a news briefing in New York about his yearly predictions, Doll said his overarching theme this year was “less fear, more confidence.” Doll said he expected bond yields to continue to rise gradually as the Federal Reserve’s tapering moves ahead slowly and incrementally. He noted that improving economies were leading to lower macroeconomic risks. Fiscal drag is lessening in the U.S., Europe is coming out of recession, Japan’s deflationary headwinds are diminishing and China appears to be stabilizing. “In the U.S., better business sentiment on top of firming consumption will likely enhance the odds of a noticeable increase in capital spending enabling a somewhat stronger growth trajectory,” Doll said. “The transition to self-sustaining growth will provide a much needed acceleration … Continue reading

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One of the world's greatest sources of investment income often comes down to finding "price floors."   They're very easy to find. And if you develop the ability to spot them, you can safely generate annual yields of over 15% on a portfolio…   Regular Growth Stock Wire readers are familiar with the income-producing power of selling put and call options. Jeff Clark has said it's "the single best income-generating strategy ever created."   Jeff would know. He's a brilliant investor who has generated millions of dollars in option income for his clients and readers over the years. And he's seen every income strategy in the world.   The safest way to run an option-selling campaign is to focus on stable, blue-chip companies trading for good prices. It's even better to focus on blue-chip companies trading near historically significant "price floors." Best Safest Companies To Own For 2015: Cadiz Inc.(CDZI) … Continue reading

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With investors cashing in their gains heading into the end of the year, blue chip stocks suffered their worse one-day drop in a month The Dow Jones Industrial Average at one point fell as much as 134 points, before paring losses. But it still closed below 16,000, falling 94.1 points, or 0.6% to end at 15,914.6. The Walt Disney Company (DIS) weighed on the index after B. Riley cut its rating on the company, calling it fairly expensive. The shares fell 1.4% to close at $69.60 The S&P 500 index dropped 5.7 points, or 0.3%, to 1,795.15. The Nasdaq Composite slipped eight points, or 0.2%, to 4,037.2. Last week ended with the S&P 500 posting its longest string of weekly advances in almost a decade. As a result, investors are worried the market has become overbought. Meanwhile, taper talk continues to weigh on investor sentiment, fueling the third straight session … Continue reading

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If you’re like most investors, you’ve probably never heard of Euro Tech Holdings Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ:CLWT). I have a confession to make – until a few days ago, I hadn’t heard of it either. Yet, in just the few short days I’ve had to get to know CLWT, I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re the kind of person who would be just as comfortable taking an extra $1000 to the casino as you would be in putting that money into a brokerage account and putting into a crazy stock, then Euro Tech Holdings may be worth a shot to you. CLWT is, in simplest terms, a water-treatment and testing-equipment company. Though it’s only an $8.8 million company, it can serve the proverbial big boys in the industry. In fact, Euro Tech Holdings sold $21.6 million worth of goods last year, and for all intents and purposes, broke even … Continue reading