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Baird’s David George and Garrett Holland came away from Wells Fargo’s (WFC) investor day with the impression that the “stagecoach is well positioned” for the future, but perhaps not outperformance against the likes of JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Citigroup (C), and Bank of America (BAC). They explain why: Noah Berger/Bloomberg News Risk/reward for shares fairly balanced. Presentations confirmed our view that the company is better positioned vs. most peers in terms of strategy, execution, management depth, digital offerings, etc., and its diversified business model drives more consistent performance through the cycle. While ROE and ROA targets were lowered, performance targets are largely in line with forward estimates and remain at industry-leading levels. Shares look more interesting after recent underperformance, but we see better value in the money-center banks at current prices. 5 Best Solar Stocks To Watch For 2016: Wynn Resorts, Limited(WYNN)   Wynn Resorts, Limited, together with its subsidiaries, develops, … Continue reading

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Apple CEO Tim Cook (L) and FBI Director James Comey have been asked to testify before Congress about their views on breaking into an encrypted iPhone. U.S. lawmakers have asked Apple CEO Tim Cook to testify about his company’s stance on refusing to help law enforcement unlock iPhone’s encryption technology. The House Energy and Commerce Committee said the issue has come to a “critical juncture” since Apple defied a court order this week to help the FBI unlock the iPhone used by the San Bernardino terrorists who killed 14 people last year. The committee also sent an invitation to FBI Director James Comey. Both men will be asked “to explain to Congress and the American people the issues at play and how they plan to move forward,” the committee’s letter said. The hearing will specifically focus on issues of “privacy and national security.” Hot Energy Stocks To Watch Right Now: … Continue reading

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Related SPY This High Yield Indicator Is Predicting A 100% Probability Of A Stock Market Spike Financials Had A Really Bad Week Closed-End Funds Beat High Yield Stocks And ETFs (Seeking Alpha) On Friday morning’s PreMarket Prep, KOR Group President Dave Lauer and founder/CEO Christopher Nagy discussed the origins, impact and shortcomings of the “Maker-Taker” market structure. Top 5 Healthcare Equipment Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Clean Diesel Technologies Inc.(CDTI) Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. engages in the manufacture and distribution of emissions control systems and products for heavy duty diesel and light duty vehicle markets. The company operates in two divisions, Heavy Duty Diesel Systems and Catalyst. The Heavy Duty Diesel Systems division designs and manufactures verified exhaust emissions control solutions that are used to reduce exhaust emissions created by on-road, off-road, and stationary diesel and alternative fuel engines, including propane and natural gas. Its products include closed crankcase … Continue reading

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Summer is the busiest season for weddings, and it’s very important for couples that are getting married to get their financial vows right, too. See Also: How to Avoid 9 Common Money Mistakes Couples Make One of the biggest contributors to a successful marriage is communication and agreement over finances. Couples should openly discuss their core values and priorities with money. Do you enjoy shopping, or are you a spendthrift? More often than not, there will be differences that can be worked out in a healthy way, as long as you have mutual respect for each other. As part of this conversation, you should discuss what each of you is bringing into the marriage financially. What are your current assets and debt? Look at savings and checking accounts, retirement accounts, school loans, credit-card debt, mortgages, etc. Don’t leave anything out! Top Internet Companies To Own For 2016: Statoil ASA(STO)   … Continue reading

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Susquehanna’s Pablo Zuanic and Svetozar Stefanovic offer five reasons not to buy Coca-Cola (KO) following yesterday’s 4.8%earnings-induced drop: Elise Amendola/Associated Press We are cutting our price target to $39 (we now take a 5% peer premium). We have five concerns (including the valuation premium): comps get tougher so it is not clear how Coca-Cola meets 2016 sales guidance; we think the long term sales growth algorithm is too ambitious; we also see risk of a profit margin miss (1Q trends were helped by timing of expenses); we argue refranchising benefits may be less than anticipated. There is no denying challenging macro issues globally (FX, economic growth, purchasing power) are a factor, but as we explain here, structural issues trump cyclical issues among our concerns. While we are not calling for tobacco-like valuation multiples for carbonated soft drink companies, we see downside risk at Coca-Cola. Still, we maintain our Neutral rating … Continue reading