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Yes, you can file your 2015 tax return now. You should have received the forms you needyour W-2s and 1099sby the end of January. The tax-filing deadline is April 18, 2016, but it’s a good idea to file as soon as possible, especially if you’re getting a refund. Not only will you get your money faster, but you’re less likely to become a victim of tax identity theft. See Beat the Bad Guys to Your Tax Refund in 2016 for more information. See Our Slide Show: 9 Tax Breaks for the Middle Class The IRS generally processes e-filed returns within 21 days, but it can take six to eight weeks to process a mailed paper return after the date it is received. You can check on the status of your refund by using the IRS’s Where’s My Refund? tool. You’ll need to provide your Social Security number, your filing status … Continue reading

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Cowen’s Oliver Chen and team cut their rating on Tiffany (TIF) to Market Perform from Outperform, citing “uncontrollable risks,” and stating a preference forSignet Jewelers (SIG). They explain: how hwee young/European Pressphoto Agency We lower our rating on Tiffany to Market Perform and reduce our price target to $70 (from $75), assuming a lower P/E multiple of ~18x FY16 of $3.78E. We note Tiffany’s valuation does appears inexpensive at a current P/E of ~16x vs. sector avg. of ~17x. While we acknowledge a potential M&A/take-private could be a possibility if Tiffany’s valuation remains depressed, we prefer not to build our thesis on potential M&A interest protecting downside. Instead, we monitor near-term challenges and wait to gain better visibility on positive catalysts for revenue & earnings growth. Best Warren Buffett Stocks To Own Right Now: S&P Smallcap 600(PH) Parker Hannifin Corporation manufactures fluid power systems, electromechanical controls, and related components worldwide. … Continue reading

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For months, strategists warned that high valuations in the U.S. could leave stocks vulnerable to a correction. But valuations seemed to have had little hand in guiding investors during this year’s steep declines across global markets. Equity markets that were relatively more “expensive”those with higher valuationsdidn’t suffer any more than their “cheaper” counterparts from the recent turbulence, data suggest. That speaks to the host of other factors guiding January’s sharp moves, from oil to central banks. It also underscores what many market observers have known for some timevaluations are a poor predictor of short-term market moves. A comparison of one-year forward price-to-earnings ratios for major bourses in the U.S., Japan, Europe and emerging markets shows little relation between the indexes’ valuations at the start of the year and the extent of their falls. Top 5 Railroad Companies To Own In Right Now: Pebblebrook Hotel Trust(PEB) Pebblebrook Hotel Trust, through Pebblebrook … Continue reading

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The labor force participation rate (LFPR) among prime-age (2554 years old) people averaged 80.8 percent in 2015, down 1.8 percentage points (2.6 million people) from 2009, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to our calculations from the Current Population Survey (CPS), a drop in LFPR among individuals with disabilities accounts for about a fifth of that decline. Many people with disabilities are active in the labor force, working or looking for work. But the disabled LFPR has fallen a lot in recent yearsit’s down from 39.3 percent in 2009 to 34.5 percent in 2015. In other words, for some reason, more prime-age individuals with disabilities have opted out of the labor market. A rising share of the prime-age population with a disability is not the culprit. In fact, the 2015 average disability rate was 6.4 percent, the same as in 2009. It is possible that the severity … Continue reading

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Shutterstock It appears that size matters, at least when millennials are selecting a bank. Young Americans (between 18 and 34) are increasingly ditching big banks and taking their business to smaller, local banks and credit unions, according to a recent banking survey from Accenture. While large national and regional banks lost 16 percent of millennial banking customers last year, community banks saw a 5 percent increase in young account holders and credit unions experienced a 3 percent bump. Most of the time, a millennial’s decision to dump a big bank comes down to money, more specifically banking fees. Larger financial institutions typically charge customers more for overdrafts, ATM withdrawals, account maintenance and other services than their smaller counterparts, who often offer free checking and no monthly fees. Millennials also noted that big banks tend to have weaker loyalty reward programs. According to the survey results, “millennials choose their banks for … Continue reading