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LONDON –A popular way to dig out reasonably priced stocks with robust growth potential is through the Growth At A Reasonable Price, orGARP, strategy. This theory uses the price-to-earnings to growth (PEG) ratio to show how a share’s price weighs up in relation to its near-term growth prospects — a reading below 1 is generally considered decent value for money. Today I am looking atRSA Insurance (LSE: RSA  ) to see how it measures up. What areRSA’s earnings expected to do? 2013 2014 EPS Growth 27% 5% P/E Ratio 9.6 9.2 PEG Ratio 0.4 1.9 Source: Digital Look. RSA is expected to recover from last year’s 20% earnings per share (EPS) decline in the coming years, although growth in 2014 is expected to decelerate sharply from that of the current year. 10 Best Value Stocks To Buy For 2015: Schlumberger N.V.(SLB) Schlumberger Limited, together with its subsidiaries, supplies technology, integrated project … Continue reading

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When it is time for college students to decide their majors, the vast majority choosing to major in finance (or economics) do so in the hope of securing high-paying and relatively stable employment after graduation. Many seek career opportunities with banking institutions, insurance companies and Big 4 accounting firms. Most finance (or economics) undergrads and MBAs have investment banks, hedge funds, management consulting and private equity at the top of their employment priority list – mostly because they typically pay more and carry a relatively high level of prestige. Unfortunately, there are far more students than opportunities available in the most desirable financial fields. The majority of finance students, and many MBAs, have to weigh in on the prospect of working at one of the departments of a company, a commercial bank, insurance company, accounting firm or small consulting shop (i.e., marketing, supply chain, etc.). But just because you … Continue reading

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Thursday morning, Barack Obama met with Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, Brian Moynihan, and other members of the country’s largest financial institutions. Let me pause for a minute to let you digest the sheer number of pinstripes and massive egos that strolled into the White House. While the full details from the meeting between the President and financial leaders weren’t released to the public, it is encouraging to see there is at least some communication present on Capitol Hill. According to the White House, the group discussed housing, education policy, and clean energy financing. Although not explicitly stated, the bankers probably shared their thoughts on the new regulation, such as the Volcker Rule. Of these topics, bank leaders were surely heavily interested in the housing sector. After drastic deterioration in the housing sector pushed the country into a deep recession, banks and policymakers both received most of the blame. However, looking … Continue reading

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Having a hard time getting up for work after your holiday? Try waking to brutal subzero temperatures like financial adviser Paul Jarvis. For the Fargo, N.D.-based United Capital Financial Advisors employee, a normally breezy two-block commute turned painful today as the -45 degrees Fahrenheit wind-chill scorched his flesh. “It feels like your face is going to freeze off,” said Mr. Jarvis, who was born and raised in North Dakota. “The raw temperature has been negative so long. I’ve had worse weather as far as blizzards and snow, but the consistency of negative temperatures – I haven’t seen it this cold.” Hot Financial Companies To Invest In 2015: BV Financial Inc (BVFL) BV Financial, Inc. (BV Financial), is a federally-chartered savings and loan holding company and the holding company for Bay-Vanguard Federal, a federally-chartered savings bank. BV Financials business activity is the ownership of the Bay-Vanguard Federal. The Company operates as … Continue reading

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The experts have spoken, and investors would do well to listen (and read between the lines). While Hydrocarb Energy Corp. (OTCBB:HECC) may not be poised to become the next Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM), it is poised to follow in the footsteps of Tullow Oil Plc (OTCMKTS:TUWOY) [long story - more on that below]. Perhaps more bullish than anything right now, however, is that other, independent observers are starting to take notice, and think HECC shares could be worth nearly three times as much as where they’re trading now within the foreseeable future. For those not familiar with it, Hydrocarb Energy is a triple-threat oil junior. It’s sitting on a huge oil stash in the Owambo Basin in Namibia, Africa, is on the verge of launching an oil services business in Abu Dhabi, and is currently operating several wells – with more to come – in Galveston Bay, Texas…. wells that … Continue reading