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Utilities have been busy this week, making moves to maximize profit potential. With insider stock sales, natural gas rate requests, nuclear shutdowns, and more, here’s what you need to know to stay on top of your dividend stocks’ latest moves. Is Aqua dried up?Aqua America (NYSE: WTR  ) announced this week that Chairman, President, and CEO Nicholas DeBenedictis recently sold around $3 million worth of shares. Management stock sales usually make Wall Street worry that the top dogs know something Mr. Market doesn’t. If corporate executives sell stock, they may believe their company is overvalued — or they may know there’s trouble ahead. In this case, Aqua’s press release was meant to dispel any such rumors. DeBenedicitis and his wife still own around $24 million in shares, and this week’s options exercise was made primarily for “personal long-term financial planning reasons.” Regulatory resilienceAmeren (NYSE: AEE  ) and Dynegy (NYSE: DYN  ) aren’t letting … Continue reading

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There’s a disturbing trend in America and it’s causing soon to be high school graduates to question whether college truly is the key to finding success in a difficult job market. A recent report by the Associated Press found that one out of every two college graduates is either unemployed or underemployed, often working in a field that isn’t related to their degree. This, along with the student loan debt topping $1 trillion, is causing graduates to find themselves with low-paying jobs that make them no better off than if they hadn’t gone to college at all. According to economists, college is still the best way to land the higher-paying jobs, but no longer is the act of attending college the key to success. Making the wrong decisions before entering college can hurt your chances of putting your degree to work later on. Have a Plan It used to … Continue reading

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Should you wait to see if the winners from 2013 continue to thrive in 2014, or should you take the profits and invest somewhere else? MoneyShow’s Jim Jubak thinks a bit of both might be the right answer. In the video below, Jim Jubak discusses some of the top stocks that MoneyShow’s experts have picked for the upcoming year. These stock picks, which outperformed in 2013, may do just the same this year. For instance, Canadian stock expert Gordon Pape, editor of Internet Wealth Builder, has his eye on the following stock: No one is even remotely close to the 59.8% operating ratio of CN Rail (CNI), the most accomplished railroad in Canada and the United States. From oil and grains, to cars and trucks, it seems like this company ships just about everything. Perhaps that is precisely why Jim Jubak agrees with Gordon Pape’s 2014 Top Stock Pick and … Continue reading

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Indian investors always had a fascination towards precious metals and stones owing to their hedging ability against the rising inflation and economic uncertainties. While investing in gold and silver has been going on, another investment avenue that is blooming since past few years is the noble metal or platinum. Although platinum has a very short financial trading history associated with it compared to other precious metals, it is slowly becoming one of the favorite investment platform for Indian investors as well. Investing in platinum not only helps in diversifying investment portfolio, but also in providing a smart long term investment strategy. Platinum is available in the physical form as collectable coins while financial options are available globally including active trade in the National Spot exchange in India. Platinum Vs Gold:  Less than a decade ago platinum prices were exponentially high and were nearly 150% the price of gold. With an … Continue reading

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October 15, 2013: U.S. markets opened lower Tuesday morning and all managed to poke their noses above the break-even line before sliding back into negative territory where they closed out the day. A report from Gallup on slumping economic confidencecoupled with the failure to end the government shutdown or to find a way to raise the debt limit sent stocks on a dive late in the day. Neither gold nor oil fared any better than stocks. And the 10-year Treasury note took a nasty hit as well. European and Asian markets closed higher today while Latin American markets were mixed. Wednesdays calendar includes a speech by Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher and the following scheduled data releases and events (all times Eastern). 7:00 a.m. – Mortgage Bankers Association purchase applications 8:30 a.m. – Consumer price index (delayed due to government shutdown) 9:00 a.m. – Treasury International Capital (TIC) data 10:00 … Continue reading