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With shares of Boeing (NYSE:BA) trading around $138, is BA an OUTPERFORM, WAIT AND SEE, or STAY AWAY? Lets analyze the stock with the relevant sections of our CHEAT SHEET investing framework: T = Trends for a Stock’s Movement Boeing is an aerospace company. It focuses primarily on engineering, information technology, research and development, test and evaluation, technology strategy development, environmental remediation management, and intellectual property management. The company operates in five segments: Commercial Airplanes, Boeing Military Aircraft, Network & Space Systems, Global Services & Support, and Boeing Capital Corp. Boeing said Monday it delivered a total of 648 planes in 2013, a new record. That appears to put the Chicago company ahead of European competitor Airbus, which has said it expected to deliver about 600 jets for the year.Boeings other deliveries included 440 of its 737s and 98 of its long-range 777s.Boeing and Airbus are both in the midst … Continue reading

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Among more speculative ideas, our top pick for 2014 is a consumer staples company, making and marketing some of the world’s best known sweets and treats; brands such as Oreo, Cadbury, Nabisco, Milka, Tang, and Trident are all category leaders, explains Eric Vermulm of InvesTech Market Analyst. Thanks to these, and many other products, Mondelez International (MDLZ) holds the Number One global market share in biscuits (crackers and cookies), chocolate, candy, and powdered beverages, as well as the Number Two position in gum and coffee. Mondelez’s products are well-positioned in the snack food aisle, which is a leading growth area in the grocery store. Biscuits and snacks are seeing more rapid worldwide adoption, compared to other treat categories, such as ice cream, carbonated drinks, or baked goods. With an estimated 40% of sales coming from emerging markets, MDLZ is benefitting from an emerging worldwide middle class with a taste for … Continue reading

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Even as Federal Reserve policymakers seemed unsure of the immediate direction of the global economy, debating whether disinflation could be an issue in the short term at their meeting March 18-19, most of them expected inflation would return to 2 percent in the next few years, according to minutes of the gathering released April 9. But just when within the next two years inflation would start rising has been a point of debate, and the fact that producer prices exceeded economist expectations this week reinforced the idea that policymakers, for all their good intentions, may not time interest rates correctly to contain runaway inflation, as historically has been the case. And this situation also clearly calls for the need to have investments that can simultaneously enhance earnings and protect against inflation, which can appear more suddenly than policymakers have forecasted. Energy infrastructure or midstream Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) can deliver … Continue reading

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The StressTest column appears every Thursday on Check back weekly and follow@TMFStressTest. Alcoa (NYSE: AA  ) kicked off second-quarter earnings season by announcing a year-over-year drop in sales and a big net loss. If you’re wondering what this tells us about the rest of earnings season, the answer is “not much.” That’s because, first, nobody truly thinks about Alcoa as an earnings bellwether anymore. That’s due in part to the fact that Alcoa is struggling under issues specific to Alcoa. More importantly, the materials sector in general has been a wreck this year, and it’s been tough for any mining or metals companies to overcome that drag. But Alcoa’s earnings report also provides an important reminder as we head into earnings season: Expectations are everything. Revenue of $5.85 billion was down 2% from the second quarter of 2012, but Wall Street analysts were expecting revenue of $5.83 billion. And while … Continue reading

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MahiFX Markets View:  Unwinding the US Federal Reserve's quantitative easing programme was never going to be easy and it has barely started and some emerging market countries are already running into trouble. So far the worst hit countries also appear to be victims of their own internal problems, such as high current account deficits and political turbulence. In effect, ultra cheap money from the Fed was papering over some serious cracks – similar to what the EUR was doing for years for peripheral Eurozone countries. It would seem perfectly natural for emerging market currencies to fall against USD as winding down quantitative easing is a form of monetary tightening. But will it reveal deep rot within some of those countries? For some yes. And in this age of global inter-connectivity that potentially matters a lot. 5 Best Paper Stocks To Invest In Right Now: UPM-Kymmene Corporation (UPM1V) UPM-Kymmene Corporation is … Continue reading