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Top 10 Energy Stocks To Invest In 2018

Call it global warming. Call it climate change. Maybe it’s a nuance, or maybe your political stance determines how you feel about this debate. 24/7 Wall St. has tracked investment in clean energy and renewable energy for years. It turns out that 2016 broke the growth cycle for investing in clean energy — and then […]

Top 5 Oil Stocks To Watch Right Now

RBC’s Kurt Hallead and Benjamin Owens offer their take on Transocean (RIG) appearance at the RBC Global Energy and Power Conference: Bloomberg Our view: Transocvean continues to execute well, with the focus on revenue efficiency bearing fruit over the last several quarters. However, we believeTransocean shares have limited upside until the market gains more confidence […]

Top Oil Stocks To Watch For 2018

Introduction BHP Billiton (NYSE: BHP) is an Anglo-Australian multinational mining, metals, and petroleum company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. The company is the world’s largest mining company by value with a market cap of more than $75 billion compared to its 2011 pre-commodity crash highs when the company reached a market cap of more than $250 […]

stock trading training

On Tuesday, our Elite Opportunity Pronewsletter suggested large cap financial stocks Goldman Sachs Group (NYSE: GS) and JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE: JPM) for our long term portfolio: both of which we believe have tremendous upside ahead, while still providing long-term investors with enough comfort in the event the markets finally do decide to selloff […]

Best Oil Stocks To Watch For 2018

Related XOM Twilio, The Hottest Stock Among Shorts Diverse, Efficient Energy Sector Exposure Add Exxon Mobil To Your Retirement (Seeking Alpha) Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Arabian government-owned oil company, is considered the world’s most valuable company with estimates ranging in the trillions of dollars with most recent estimates coming in at around $2 trillion. But […]