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Sooner or later, interest rates are going to go back up, and when they do, government bonds won’t be worth as much. A selection of bond related ETFs now offer investors exposure to bonds that try to sidestep the capital depreciation that comes with rising interest rates. Investors may now purchase bond ETFs that cover specific industries, like utilities, that perform relatively well when rates rise, and intrepid investors may consider taking on short ETFs that track Treasuries and other bonds, comments Olivier Ludwig for IndexUniverse. State Street Global Advisors has filed this month with the SEC to launch the SPDR Barclays Capital Corporate Industrial Bond ETF and the SPDR Barclays Capital Corporate Utilities Bond ETF. ETF providers like iShares have even launched muni bond ETFs with target maturity dates from 2012 to 2017, which allows investors to lock in rates and to redeem the full par value at maturity. … Continue reading

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Banco Santander (Brasil) SA (ADR) (NYSE:BSBR) witnessed volume of 24.55 million shares during last trade however it holds an average trading capacity of 7.90 million shares. BSBR last trade opened at $9.48 reached intraday low of $9.10 and went -3.38% down to close at $9.16. BSBR has a market capitalization $34.81 billion and an enterprise value at $93.58 billion. Trailing twelve months price to sales ratio of the stock was 2.19 while price to book ratio in most recent quarter was 0.86. In profitability ratios, net profit margin in past twelve months appeared at 28.77% whereas operating profit margin for the same period at 49.58%. The company made a return on asset of 1.98% in past twelve months and return on equity of 11.24% for similar period. In the period of trailing 12 months it generated revenue amounted to $16.47 billion gaining $4.31 revenue per share. Its year over year, … Continue reading

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The March issue of Research magazine looks at some key issues facing a fast-changing advisory industry. “Stocks: A Hard Sell,” the cover story by Ellen Uzelac, details how client enthusiasm for equities has taken a hit in recent years, and how advisors are responding to this trend. Recent indications of renewed client interest are discussed as well. “A Steeper Tax Landscape,” by Jane Wollman Rusoff, assesses the impact of new tax laws on high-income clients, and what strategies are suited for this environment. The Annuity Analytics column, by York University’s Prof. Moshe Milevsky, offers eye-opening advice on how to make the most of guaranteed living benefits in annuity contracts. Meanwhile, in the latest Finke on Finance feature, Prof. Michael Finke of Texas Tech University discusses what new research is revealing about differences between men and women regarding risk tolerance. This month’s Political Monitor column, by Senior Editor Kenneth Silber, focuses … Continue reading

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It's going to touch everything. It will make a difference in what we eat, where we travel, how we heat and cool our homes, even how much we save and spend. Actually, these sorts of changes are already taking place. But over the next decade, the effects are likely to be felt more than ever. I'm convinced that if you want to be a successful investor in the coming decade, you need to focus on the concept behind these changes. It's one simple word…   Scarcity. You've likely read about it for years. I'm sure you've already felt the effects to some extent. Put simply, the world needs resources like oil, steel, coal, copper, and grain to survive. But they are becoming more scarce… and expensive. To get a handle on the scale of this issue, just look around you. Every important trend we're seeing in the world — record … Continue reading

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U.S. stock futures pointed to a stronger open Tuesday, encouraged by a working plan among European officials to calm the eurozone’s debt crisis. Futures for the Dow Jones Industrial Average were up 194 points, or 198 points above fair value, at 11,166. Futures for the S&P 500 were up 22 points, or 23.25 points above fair value, at 1157, and Nasdaq futures were up 39 points, or 35 points above fair value, at 2265. Global markets have cheered reports that officials are discussing possibly levering up the eurozone rescue fund by allowing it to borrow funds from the European Central Bank. The fund, known as the European Financial Stability Facility, would then be able to inject liquidity into European banks should countries default of their debt. However, whether such a plan can gain backing from European Union members and the central bank remains uncertain.”The market is perceiving that policymakers a … Continue reading