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Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Buy Right Now

Citigroup’s Todd Bault and Erik Bass argue that “there are likely more good things that can happen compared to bad” for American International Group (AIG). They explain: While we normally don’t like to write up news items, two stories on AIG today are good examples of the “positive optionality” embedded in AIG’s potential future performance. […]

Hot Financial Stocks To Watch Right Now

Brent Schutte is the chief investment strategist of Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company. With the 2016 election in the rearview mirror, speculation is rampant about the future of President-elect Trump’s tax policies. The priorities he has identified in his tax plan will shape his tax-related legislative agenda over the next four years, potentially influencing your […]

Hot Insurance Stocks To Watch Right Now

Q: My wife and I are in the process of refinancing our 30-year fixed-rate mortgage to eliminate private mortgage insurance payments. This is our dream house, and we want to live in it forever.We also are 50% owners of a duplex with my brother and we receive $3,400 per month in rent.My questions: Should I […]

Top Insurance Stocks To Watch Right Now

How Morgan Stanley Is Changing Its Advisor Business Model Distributions Out of a Cash Value Life Insurance Policy Killing Fiduciary Rule Seen as New DOL Chiefs Top Priority Focus Financial Partners has inked its biggest partnership deal to date and its 10th deal of the year. On Monday, New York-based Focus said SCS Financial and […]

Top 5 Insurance Stocks To Own Right Now

Shutterstock Millions of taxpayers will see a tax increase in 2017: they just won’t realize it immediately. That’s because the tax increase won’t be found with a bump in income tax brackets (more on tax brackets from Claudia Hill here) or a rate increase but a change in the cap on wages subject to Social […]