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Top 10 Stocks To Invest In 2019

When McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) reported fourth-quarter earnings last month, it became clear that the fast-food chain isn’t out of the woods just yet, as the chain reported a drop in comparable restaurant sales for the first time in six quarters. Things are likely to get even more challenging. That’s because McDonald’s restaurants will now be competing […]

Hot Canadian Stocks For 2018

Canada marijuana legalization is the next big growth catalyst for marijuana stocks. That’s because only 13% of the $6.7 billion in marijuana sales in North America in 2016 were from Canada. But that will change in 2017… As part of his 2015 campaign, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised marijuana reform in Canada. That’s because the […]

Top 5 Value Stocks To Own Right Now

“We are in the real estate business, not the hamburger business.” – Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) The scale of Wal-Mart’s (NYSE:WMT) operations are staggering. The company will sell $1 trillion worth of goods over the next two years. It employs 2.3 million people. The company owns over 1 billion square feet of real […]

Hot Undervalued Stocks To Buy Right Now

With the holiday season around the corner,consumers are busy searching for the products to buy while investors are busy searching for the companies whose products consumers are buying. Just a couple of week back GoPro (NSDQ:GPRO) was one such company on which investors were willing to bet as its products were likely to fly off […]

Top 5 High Tech Stocks To Buy For 2018

“The Bet” (or how your money finds its way to Wall Street) In this section, you will encounter, early on, the story of an investment bet I made nine years ago and, next, some strong opinions I have about investing. As a starter, though, I want to briefly describe Long Bets, a unique establishment that […]