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Best Medical Stocks To Own Right Now

William Patalon III It’s a medical-tech company that Michael Robinson and I have both recommended to our trading service subscribers. And its focus on heart-monitoring sensors prompted us to nickname it “Cardio Corp.” The firm’s stock is up 46% since we first told you about it back in September 2015. That includes the 9.4% gain […]

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Image Source: Getty Images. One sound long-term investing strategy is to buy stocks that offer up high dividend yields.This strategy has become particularly enticing in today’s low interest rateenvironment, since it offers investors a chance to generate a lot of income from their portfolio. However, justbecausea stock offers up a high yield doesn’t make it […]

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Best Undervalued Stocks To Buy Right Now

The OPEC deal and two new pipelines to be built in Western Canada saw my favorite oil & gas stocks tick higher – much higher in some cases. And, this should be just the beginning! As supply and demand come back into balance, Western Canadian producers should find prices sufficient to fund growth without adding […]

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For the period 2001-2016, the buy and hold strategy no longer worked! It is likely that it will also not work in the future due to increasing stock market volatility. For this reason, some investors use simple market timing, mostly momentum driven, to exit and enter the markets according to market direction. Relying on only […]