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Top Safest Stocks To Buy For 2019

303 Days to Go Today in Brexit: With Italy dominating the headlines, a prominent anti-Brexit voice has a warning for the EU. Less than two years after the Brexit vote, a new crisis is brewing in Europe. Political turmoil in Italy rocked global markets yesterday, sparked by the prospect of anti-Europe, nationalist parties turning an election into a […]

Top Low Price Stocks To Buy Right Now

Holders of a little-known security tied to Bank of America Corp.’s stock price may be rolling in the dough. A series of securities known as Bank of America TARP B warrants, issued in the wake of the financial crisis in 2009 with a strike price of $30.79, are set to pay out after the stock […]

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In a note released yesterday, Bernstein’s Todd Juenger and team consider perplexing questions surrounding AT&T’s (T) purchase of Time Warner (TWX), including the fact that the telecom giant now appears to be “developing a specific expertise: managing businesses in secular decline.” They explain: Getty Images Our view on the AT&T/Time Warner deal aligns with the […]

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Were still waiting, Dow 20,000. Yes, 20,000 is just a number a big, round number but approaching major milestones such as this one provides an opportunity to reflect, take stock and consider history. To that end, below is a visual history of the Dow and its important milestones, in one chart. (Of course, there will […]

Best Safest Stocks To Buy For 2018

We’re still in the wake of calendar 2017’s first earnings season. So it wasn’t surprising to see a raft of dividend raises last week, especially considering that this year has already been stuffed with lifts from every conceivable type of company. Here are three notables out of last week’s crop. Image source: Getty Images. Qualcomm […]