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Top 10 High Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now

It was nearly two years ago… September 2015.   Stocks had just finished their first 10%-plus correction in years. But I was bullish.   I was preparing to give a speech at the Stansberry Alliance conference. It was titled "Welcome to the Melt Up."   I was worried as I got up on stage. I […]

Hot Undervalued Stocks To Watch Right Now

As I said in a recent piece on PRA Health Sciences (NASDAQ:PRAH), there’s a lot to like about the contract research organization (or CRO) sector as trial complexity increases, R&D budgets continue to grow, and drug companies look to shift toward their specialties and more variable-expense models. Within this competitive space, INC Research (NASDAQ:INCR) has […]

what did the market close at today

Photo credit: iStock.com/Anchiy When it comes to saving for retirement, these strategies can help you start right now. It may seem easy to put off until later in your career, but saving for retirement needs to be a priority as soon as you start earning income. At least if you want to have a say […]

10 stocks

Since Twitter Incorporated (NYSE: TWTR) had its IPO on April 11th, 2013, it has seen a consecutive decline year after year in its price since inception. For the first year of TWTR going public, it saw a major increase of 92.6% in last half of 2013! With such a massive increase, investors were sure that […]

Hot Performing Stocks To Own For 2018

By Rob Otman Macy’s (NYSE:M) is a mid-cap company that operates within the multiline retail industry. Its market cap is $9 billion today, and the total one-year return is -17.11% for shareholders. Macy’s stock is underperforming the market. It is beaten down, and missed earnings expectations on Thursday. So is it a good time to […]