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LONDON — After again closing below 6,400 points yesterday, the FTSE 100 (FTSEINDICES: ^FTSE  ) has nosed above that level today, up 0.92% to 6,447 as of 8 a.m. EDT. Although banks in Cyprus are open again (albeit with strict controls), sentiment across Europe is still shaky, as nobody yet knows the full suffering to be faced by uninsured savers in the island’s banks. But plenty of constituents of the FTSE indexes are doing well in their own right. Here are three on the up today. National Grid National Grid released details of its new dividend policy this morning, sending its shares up 2.5% to 770 pence. The intention now is for the utilities supplier to grow its dividend at least in line with retail price inflation, with chief executive Steve Holliday telling us the policy “supports our long-term ambition to target a secure dividend in real terms for our shareholders … Continue reading

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Last week in an exclusive interview with AdvisorOne, Ken Fisher, founder and CEO of Fisher Investments in Woodside, Calif., talked at length about his investing outlook prior to Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami and nuclear plant crisis. On March 16, as the humanitarian and economic effects of the crisis were still being gauged, Fisher updated the in-depth interview by telling AdvisorOne that he had made some changes to his portfolio holdings. Fisher said that he had “increased weight in Japan and picked up some other things, mostly technology, on the presumption that things tied to [Japan] will” improve faster than many people think. In the firm’s regular “weekly commentary e-mail, we said we think this is largely a tragedy that is being expanded in the media.” “Rarely do people think they’re hysterical when they really are,” Fisher said, railing at media coverage of the unfolding tragedy in Japan—especially television. The … Continue reading

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Press and analysts and friends and other guests have settled into the massive hanger-like space at Pier 36 on Manhattan's Lower East Side for this morning's unveiling of Research in Motion's (RIMM) unveiling of BB10, its operating system upgrade to the BlackBerry. The major announcement at the event, aside from the unveiling of new smartphones, was that the company is changing its name from RIM to BlackBerry. Lights go down, the announcer tells us to see some videos from those watching around the world … Dubai, Toronto (big applause for Toronto), etc. The announcer comes up in a video with RIM's head of developer relations, Alec Saunders. He talks about traveling the globe in the last year, meeting with developers for BB10 (except for Antarctica; there are no developers there, he says). “There is just this huge wave of support,” says Saunders. “We have put together what is the largest … Continue reading

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After a six-month rally, U.S. stocks are getting pricier. Experts say investors should exercise caution. The Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index gained 12% during the first three months of 2012, the best start to the year since 1998. After this week’s 0.7% drop, the benchmark index has run up a stunning 27% since Oct. 3. Despite the surge, some strategists argue that stocks are still cheap, based on comparisons with bonds. Also See Think About Your Cost-Basis Method Now 3 Stocks Short-Sellers Are Targeting Investors Find Emerging-Markets Play Closer to Home More traditional measures, however, suggest stocks at best are fairly priced, and at worst are worryingly expensive. With corporate earnings growth slowing in the U.S. and renewed fears of a European meltdown, some strategists say stocks are due for a rough stretch. “There’s a lot of uncertainty out there, so the S&P shouldn’t be trading at a premium,” says … Continue reading

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NPS Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: NPSP  ) is bringing its kids home. The biotech announced yesterday that it had reacquired the ex-North America rights to two drugs — Revestive and Preotact — that were licensed to Nycomed, which was subsequently acquired by Takeda Pharmaceutical. Investors clearly liked the idea. Shares jumped 9.3% on the news. I’m not quite sure it’s a good sign. Preotact is approved in Europe for treating post-menopausal osteoporosis, but a majority of the value of the deal is for Revestive, which goes by Gattex in the states. Revestive was approved last year to treat an orphan disease called short bowel disease. Takeda is letting go of the drugs for $50 million worth of NPS Pharmaceuticals stock up front. The biotech is also on the hook for another $30 million payment if the combined sales of the two drugs exceed $750 million in a calendar year. That’s pretty darn cheap. … Continue reading