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President and CEO of Align Technology Inc (NASDAQ:ALGN) Joseph M Hogan bought 1,500 shares of ALGN on 02/13/2018 at an average price of $233.63 a share. The total cost of this purchase was $350,445. Align Technology Inc designs, manufactures and markets a system of clear aligner therapy, intra-oral scanners and CAD/CAM digital services used in […]

Top Safest Stocks To Invest In Right Now

On the lookout for safe dividends? (Who isn’t, right?) These days, you generally have three options: large-cap stocks with long dividend histories, municipal bonds and US Treasuries. Treasuries are considered the safest of that group, and large-cap stocks the riskiest, but they’re still much safer than plenty of other investments, such as small caps and […]

Top 5 Energy Stocks To Invest In 2018

Source: ThinkstockSeptember 22, 2017: The S&P 500 closed up 0.05% at 2,501.97. The DJIA closed down 0.05% at 22,347.32. Separately, the Nasdaq wasup 0.07% at 6,426.92. Friday was a slow day for the broad U.S. markets. Although the major averages took a step back, they are still in striking range of their all-time highs. Crude […]

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Editors’ pick: Originally published Nov. 15. Fast repeal. That is what candidate Donald Trump repeatedly promised in regard to the federal estate tax aka the death tax. On his website, Trump minced no words: “The Trump Plan will repeal the death tax.” That means both estate planners and their wealthy clients are now aflutter, trying […]

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Three IPOs raised $495 million this week, led by iRhythm Technologies (Pending:IRTC), which popped 53% on its first day. The other two IPOs, CRISPR Therapeutics (Pending:CRSP) and Forterra (Pending:FRTA), priced below the range and closed the week down 1% and 6%, respectively. Forterra’s 8% drop on its first day was the eighth worst first day […]