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Top Medical Stocks To Watch Right Now

Technical Signals for Breakout 1. The first most apparent signal from a technical charting viewpoint is the strikingly clear formation of the “Cup and Handle” pattern on the weekly chart. This pattern is well known and considered to be a bullish continuation pattern, followed by strong positive price movement. For those not familiar with the […]

Top 10 Value Stocks To Buy For 2018

Harry Dent: Once-in-a-Lifetime Crash Coming in Next 3 Years 31 Worst Paying College Majors: 2017 Fixed Index Universal Life Can Diversify Your Product Roster W. P. Carey (WPC) said Thursday that its will cease new non-traded REIT activities, now carried out by Carey Financial. Instead, the company will focus on net-lease real estate investing. “W. […]

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Telecom and media giant AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) announced Tuesday morning that its DirecTV Now over-the-top streaming service has signed up more than 1 million subscribers in the first year of the program’s life. The downside is that streaming revenue has not replaced pay-TV losses on either the satellite or wired side of AT&T’s business. […]

Top 10 High Tech Stocks To Watch For 2018

Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX)revealed last week that it’s extending its 2014 deal with Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions, calling for another four Sandler-helmed flicks that will premiere exclusively on the leading streaming service. This is a surprising announcement at first glance.It’s been three years since Netflix struck a deal with Sandlerforfour original movies. We already have the […]

Top Low Price Stocks To Watch Right Now

There are numerous trading techniques to consider for each and every options trade, so Fred Oltarsh at Options Strategy Network details five of the ones he considers extremely vital for trying to put the percentages in the trader’s favor. The key to trading options contracts successfully (individual stocks and futures as well) is to put […]