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Hot Tech Stocks To Watch Right Now

Investing in the stock market is the surest way to build long-term wealth. Diversification among companies, industries, and types of securities is the key to ensuring that investors can reach their goals. Technology stocks can provide a boost to returns, as these companies are often on the cutting edge, making groundbreaking discoveries that change our […]

Hot Casino Stocks To Invest In 2019

Although the idea MGM Resorts (NYSE:MGM) might step in to buy troubled Wynn Resorts (NASDAQ:WYNN) was always more speculative than based on any concrete evidence, the chances of it actually happening have now been reduced to virtually nil. MGM just announced a $2 billion stock repurchase authorization, and though the program doesn’t guarantee the money […]

Best Stocks To Watch Right Now

By Beth Baker, Next Avenue Contributor  In a conference room in the American University Washington College of Law in Washington, D.C., 100 older adults listened intently as Ellen Stofan, former chief scientist at NASA, summarized the latest research on global warming. Using vivid maps, she showed that if current trends continue, the average surface temperature on […]

Top 5 Low Price Stocks To Buy Right Now

Citigroup’s Alastair Syme and team argue that the earnings from big oil companies like Chevron (CVX), Total (TOT) and Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A) will be bad…real bad. But that won’t stop the stocks from outperforming. They explain why: Bloomberg News Negative headlines, positive performance: We expect the majority of Big Oil companies to post negative […]

Best Insurance Stocks To Invest In Right Now

&l;p&g;&l;img class=&q;dam-image bloomberg size-large wp-image-41898988&q; src=&q;https://specials-images.forbesimg.com/dam/imageserve/41898988/960×0.jpg?fit=scale&q; data-height=&q;640&q; data-width=&q;960&q;&g; Bloomberg Warren Buffett&s;s portfolio of stocks at Berkshire Hathaway has always contained a good number of insurance stocks. He likes them, always has. Omaha&s;s most-famous investor started with his purchase of National Indemnity Company way back in 1967 and has continued since then with famous old names […]