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Top 10 Performing Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Mallinckrodt (MNK) tumbled to the bottom of the S&P 500 today after its earnings topped the Street consensus but offered commentary that spooked investors. Agence France-Presse/Getty Images Shares of Mallinckrodt dropped 9.1% to $52.42, while the S&P 500 rose 0.1%. Barclays analyst Douglas Tsao and Morgan Williams callMallinckrodt’s plunge “outsized.” They explain why: In our […]

Top 5 Stocks To Watch For 2018

WILMINGTON, Del. DuPont will nolonger contribute to active employees’ pension plans, a move that will affect the retirement of 13,000 workers, including 2,800in Delaware. The Wilmington-area company announced Thursday that workers will stop accruing benefits sometime in November 2018 or the creation date of the first independent company spawned through theproposed $130 billion mergerwith Dow. […]

Top 10 High Tech Stocks To Invest In 2019

As outlined in our article published in December 2017 on Seeking Alpha titled “Takeover Or Massive Buyback, Equates Opportunity,” MFIN trades at a deep discount to its net tangible book value, its breakup/sum of the parts value, EV/EBITDA value, and a price to earnings value. The value proposition has been enhanced after the fourth quarter […]

Top 10 Safest Stocks To Watch Right Now

 Today, I will show you how to take our very best investment ideas and make them 10 times better…   That's right. Using this simple strategy, I believe every individual investor managing less than $10 million can earn 50% a year in safe stocks. Returns at this level can transform your retirement… or even build generational […]

Top 5 Performing Stocks To Buy For 2018

How to Resist Market Timing (Even When Youre Scared) Top 20 Companies for Annuity Sales: 2016 Ryan Pulls Bill to Repeal Obamacare; Says Tax Reform Now in Danger Since the Federal Reserve raised interest rates in mid-March, for the second time in three months, U.S. bond yields have declined, and despite expectations (until last Friday) […]