Best Stocks To Buy For 2013: KMP

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Kinder Morgan (NYSE: KMI  ) and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners (NYSE: KMP  ) reported earnings Wednesday evening. KMI beat expectations on revenue, earning $3.06 billion, and missed on EPS, reporting $0.28 per share. KMP beat on revenue and EPS, earning $2.66 billion, and recording $0.66 per unit. Distributable cash flow was up at KMP, coming in at $550 million compared to $462 million a year ago. It was a successful quarter from a mile up; now, let’s take a closer look. Segment review Coming off of 2012, we know all of Kinder Morgan’s segments improved on a year-over-year basis. The same cannot be said of the first quarter, as the terminals segment was flat year over year, and the CO2 segment grew by a mere 1%. Let’s take a closer look at the individual segments, beginning with terminals: Top Prefered Companies To Own For 2015: Jack Henry & Associates Inc.(JKHY) Jack Henry … Continue reading

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WhenTransCanada (NYSE: TRP  ) first announced its plan to construct the Keystone XL pipeline, I’m sure company executives never thought it would wind up as one of the most polarizing environmental symbols in recent memory. Nor could they have predicted that the approval process would take, well, forever. The exceedingly long duration of that process has allowed the Keystone XL to grow from a large pipeline to a larger than life feedstock for environmental, political, and economic arguments, and even a conspiracy theory or two. Some have really taken to the notion, for example, that Warren Buffett has a hand in delaying the pipeline project in order to boost his railroad business. The theory is that Buffett is encouraging President Obama into stalling on his decision to approve or deny Keystone XL. If the President does deny Keystone XL, the thinking goes, that is only further proof of Buffett’s hold on … Continue reading

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The United States is overflowing with oil. In fact, the Energy Information Administration thinks the country could realistically produce 6 million to 8 million barrels of oil per day over the next three decades. The institution’s high estimate exceeds 10 million barrels per day. Canadian production isn’t doing too bad, either, although supporting infrastructure is less developed for our northerly neighbors. That bodes well for the companies pumping it out of the ground, but it also represents a big opportunity for the companies transporting and refining crude oil. Here are four of the best investments supporting oil drillers. Canadian National Railway (NYSE: CNI  ) Canadian National Railway is one company trying to bail-out Canada’s ailing pipelines. In 2010 the company didn’t move one carload of crude oil. This year it is expected to “choo-choo” its way to 60,000 carloads of oil from the country. This business in particular has boosted sales … Continue reading

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Canadian Solar Inc. (NASDAQ:CSIQ), one of the world’s largest solar power companies, is expected to report its fourth quarter and full year 2013 financial results onMarch 5, 2014. The company will hold a conference call on the same day at8:00 a.m.Eastern Standard Time to discuss the results and its business outlook. Canadian Solar makes solar modules and, specialized solar products, and solar power plants with operations in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Asia. Canadian Solar has delivered more than 6GW of premium quality solar modules to customers in over 70 countries. [Related -Futures Mixed Despite Strong Jpmorgan Earnings; Radioshack Corporation (RSH) In Focus] Wall Street expects CSIQ to earn 52 cents a share, according to analysts polled by Thomson Reuters. The company reported a loss of $1.71 a share in the same quarter last year. For the three-month period as well as for the … Continue reading

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From the time fire was first discovered until now, energy has played a critical role in the development of modern man. As our society developed, we have required an increasingly large amount of energy. We rely on companies in the Energy Sector to supply our needs. The Energy Sector includes businesses engaged in the production and sale of energy products. This includes extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution. As the world’s population increases and third-world countries continue to develop, there will be more intense demand on our finite supply of energy. We have seen this imbalance manifest itself in the form of higher gasoline and diesel prices, which has resulted in upward price pressure on products or raw materials that have to be transported – which is nearly all of them. This sector will only become more valuable as time passes and resources become more scarce. This week, I screened my … Continue reading