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Click to enlarge source: 9to5Mac Now that the future of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is increasingly dependent upon the success or failure of the iPhone, it has put itself at enormous risk if the smartphone starts to falter by failing to gain market share in new markets. In the current environment, as most know, that is China. […]

Top 10 Heal Care Stocks For 2017

Companies with business models that are outdated often face difficulties transitioning and pivoting the company to a new direction. However, Chegg’s (NYSE:CHGG) management has successfully altered its business model and has positioned it to generate substantial shareholder value. In the last few years, management transformed Chegg from a textbook rental company to a learning platform […]

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Futures for U.S. markets were higher late Thursday, but they have provided little guidance to Wall Street’s performance in regular trade in the final week of the year as both the Trump and Santa rallies wilted. Both the Dow Jones Industrials and S&P 500 were up 0.07% while Nasdaq gained 0.12% at 9:28 p.m. EST. […]

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New research on money-stealing hackers shows they are expanding their reach — and looking more like an international mafia. The cybersecurity experts at Dell SecureWorks track banking botnets, the massive networks of infected computers that steal victims’ bank logins and empty their checking accounts. In 2015, the most vicious viruses expanded to also target warehouses […]

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Boosting economic growth will be a top priority of the new president, whoever wins the election. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump differ in some ways on how to get the job done. For example, Clinton wants to slap a tax surcharge of 4% on Americans who make more than $5 million a year; Trump wants […]