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Top 10 Canadian Stocks To Invest In 2018

Zinc may not immediately come to mind as an important metal for the global economy, but its actually the fourth most common metal in use -trailing only iron, aluminium and copper. Thats because zinc wouldmost commonly be used as an anti-corrosion agent and for galvanization (coating of iron or steel) plus for otherindustrial purposes (e.g. […]

Hot Dividend Stocks To Watch Right Now

(Published by Nicholas McCullum on March 19) Investing is unique in that anyone has the ability to learn from the best in the business. Institutional investment managers with more $100 million in assets under management have to disclose their portfolios in 13F filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Seth Klarman (Trades, Portfolio) is an […]

Top 10 Dividend Stocks To Own Right Now

Note: Industrial Insights subscribers were alerted to this idea on December 4th, giving them the opportunity to build a stake at much lower prices (~10% lower basis). China Yuchai International (NYSE:CYD) is a Bermuda-based holding company, operating as a subsidiary of Singapore-based Hong Leong Asia. China Yuchai’s principal operating subsidiary (76.4% outstanding ownership) is Guangxi […]

Hot Dividend Stocks To Buy Right Now

Toward the end of trading Tuesday, the Dow traded down 0.63 percent to 20,506.40 while the NASDAQ declined 0.25 percent to 5,842.16. The S&P also fell, dropping 0.36 percent to 2,340.64. Leading and Lagging Sectors Tuesday afternoon, the non-cyclical consumer goods & services sector proved to be a source of strength for the market. Leading […]

top stocks to buy now

What’s the fastest way to become a millionaire? Start with a $1 billion and invest in real estate. It’s an old joke, but in the case of Donald Trump there’s something to it. We don’t know the president’s true net worth, other than broad estimates in public filings and his own bragging on Twitter. Trump […]