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Top Medical Stocks To Watch Right Now

Technical Signals for Breakout 1. The first most apparent signal from a technical charting viewpoint is the strikingly clear formation of the “Cup and Handle” pattern on the weekly chart. This pattern is well known and considered to be a bullish continuation pattern, followed by strong positive price movement. For those not familiar with the […]

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March 16, 2017: The S&P 500 closed lower on the day, down 0.17% and 4.01 points to 2,381.26. Separately the DJIA closed down 0.09% on the day at 20,932.16, down approximately 17.94 points. The health care, utilities, and oil & gas stocks acted as kryptonite to an otherwise flat market. On the other hand, the […]

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Back in 1979 President Jimmy Carter addressed the nation and told his fellow citizens the country suffered from a “crisis of confidence” in what became famously known as the “malaise speech”. Back then the country was suffering from “Stagflation” or inflation with sluggish growth. The former president was on to more than he knew because […]

Top 5 Performing Stocks For 2018

Athletic footwear and apparel company Nike (NYSE:NKE) has been around since 1964. As the retail market has been facing tough competition against e-commerce business, how has Nike been holding up? Well, since the company’s financials continuously look better each year and it’s outperforming its competition, the popular company should be on investors’ minds right now. […]

Top High Tech Stocks To Own For 2017

There are lots of articles out there talking about how the smartest move you can make for your retirement is to start saving and investing today. And (of course) if you’re young enough to enjoy the power of compound interest, that is absolutely the best advice out there. But what about those who are nearing […]