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Top 5 Financial Stocks To Watch For 2018

Veresen Inc. (OTC:FCGYF) is a Canadian based midstream energy infrastructure company, traded primarily on the Toronto Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of approximately CAD $4 billion. Much of the investment press surrounding Veresen is focused on the Jordan Cove LNG development. While this is a major piece of the company’s growth potential, skepticism and […]

Best Financial Stocks To Buy For 2018

Exploiting the famous January effect on Wall Street isnt as easy as it looks. Im referring to the well-known tendency for stocks of the smallest companiesso-called small capsto significantly outperform large-cap stocks during January. Since 1926, according to data compiled by University of Chicago professor Eugene Fama and Dartmouth professor Kenneth French, small caps in […]

trade penny stocks

AMD stock has fallen by close to16% this month. Should youbuy in? Flickr Shares of Sunnyvale, California-based Advanced Micro Devices Inc (NASDAQ:AMD)have now fallen by close to 16% this month, following Thursday’s 3.5% correction. In fact, the sentiment around the stock has been so bearish that markets have even ignored the positive reviews that its […]

Top 5 Financial Stocks To Own Right Now

In trading, while some unforced mistakes will occur no matter what, Konstantin Rabin of ForexCrunch.com highlights five common novice trading missteps and suggests ways for beginners to try to avoid these-oftentimes costly-errors. There is no need to be a beginner to make mistakes while trading in the financial markets. As a fact, a lot of […]

Top 10 Financial Stocks To Own For 2018

Ginni Rometty, CEO, IBM April 11, 2017. (Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images) Investors shouldn’t be too concerned if a company with $100 billion in revenues loses business to a startup in a $2 billion industry. The only problem for such investors comes when that big company’s market share loss reveals competitive disadvantages that apply to many […]