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In a note released yesterday, Bernstein’s Todd Juenger and team consider perplexing questions surrounding AT&T’s (T) purchase of Time Warner (TWX), including the fact that the telecom giant now appears to be “developing a specific expertise: managing businesses in secular decline.” They explain: Getty Images Our view on the AT&T/Time Warner deal aligns with the […]

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Real estate investment trusts (REITs) suffer from one key myth: When rates rises, REITs lose. Source: Shutterstock Part of that logic — and short-term self-fulfilling prophecy — is that cash is the lifeblood of REITs and when rates rise the cost of borrowing for REITs is higher, so their margins are squeezed. understanding stock market: […]

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 Over the next three years, investors around the world will lose several trillion dollars.   These credit losses will be by far the most powerful force in the equity market for at least the next three years and potentially longer. But I don't want to dwell on the numbers today.   Interest rates were manipulated […]

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What does the IRS tax? Just about everything. The Internal Revenue Code defines taxable income as gross income minus deductions. And gross income, federal law says, means all income from whatever source derived. Thats a lot of territory, covering not only earned income like wages but also unearned income from investments. If you operate on […]

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Saddle Brook, NJ, based Investment company Bulldog Investors, LLC buys Japan Smaller Capitalization Fund, Great Elm Capital, Putnam Highome Securities Fund, Central Securities, Clough Global Equity Fund, Delaware Enhanced Global Dividend of Beneficial In, Credit Suisse Asset Mgmtome Fund, New Ireland Fund (The), Delaware Investments Dividend &ome Fund, Liberty All-Star Equity Fund, sells First Trust […]