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top 10 hot stocks

Do stock-market investors think equity benchmarks are bulletproof? This question is popping up more frequently as investors contemplate an increasingly volatile landscape in Washington set against a backdrop of repeat records for major stock benchmarks. Not everyones so polite. Plenty just want to know if Wall Street has lost its mind. To be sure, equities […]

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With Captain America:Civil War, the Jungle Book, and Zootopia all having led the box office at various times this year, it’s fair to say that Walt Disney (DIS) studio biz is on a roll. Barclays analystKannan Venkateshwar and team, however, warn that “any failure at the box office could have a disproportionate impact” on Disney’s […]

MannKind – Afrezza Scripts Dip As Company Announces Deal For Brazil

MannKind (NASDAQ:MNKD) investors have had an interesting week. The company announced that Mike Castagna would be the new CEO, and followed that news with an announcement of a deal to move forward on possible Afrezza sales in Brazil. Today the company announced that it has engaged a strategic partner to explore possible deals surrounding its […]

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Expanded workerprotections on pay and benefits were rolled back by the Trump Administration Wednesday in a first step of what is expected to be a broader effort to reinstate policies that favor employers. The Labor Department rescinded guidance, issued by theLabor Department last year under President Obama, that held franchise companies as well as franchisees […]

The Best Stocks to Buy Now (and One Stinker to Short)

Our best stocks to buy now list for June is heavy on tech. That makes sense, of course. As Money Morning Director of Technology & Venture Capital Research Michael Robinson tells us, the road to wealth is paved with tech. Our Money Morning investing and trading experts have picked four companies we like right now. […]