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Best Dividend Stocks To Watch Right Now

There was a lot to like in EOG Resources Inc.’s (NYSE:EOG) third quarter report on both the financial and operational front. Higher natural gas prices and relatively flat crude prices q-o-q helped increase EOG Resources Inc.’s net operating cash flow streams from $503 million in Q2 to $760 million in Q3. That implies an annualized […]

Top Dividend Stocks To Buy Right Now

One of the advantages of being a dividend investor is that I invest in businesses that meet a certain qualitative and quantitative criteria. This allows me to focus on quality compounding machines with established track records. This discipline also allows me to avoid overpaying for those companies. Even the best company in the world is not worth overpaying […]

stock market patterns

With crude oil futures weakening on schedule – at the beginning of the seasonally-weak September-March period – one has to wonder what would happen to other highly-correlated risk assets, like emerging markets and junk bonds. (Crude oil should be weaker in the next six months because 88% of the world’s population lives in the Northern […]

Hot Dividend Stocks To Watch For 2017

With 2016 now in the books, investors can now look ahead for 2017. Market shifts are already underway, and the year’s economic waters remain uncharted as we look to the potential effects of the new administration. Most market analysts agree that 2017 will be another positive year for growth, but, as is typically the case, […]

Top 10 Dividend Stocks To Buy Right Now

Investment Thesis I will be the first investor to point out that Gamestop Corp (NYSE:GME) is cyclical company. Also, I will straight up put it out there, that no matter how passionate I get over GME, I have made mistakes before and I will make mistakes again. But I make very few investment mistakes over […]