The Best Stocks to Hold Forever

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A few months ago, I sent a report to readers of my Top 10 Stocks advisory covering my “10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever.” It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular pieces of research in StreetAuthority’s history. Simply put, these are the 10 stocks that we think you can buy today and basically hold for the rest of your life. When you own them, you don’t have to worry about events such as inflation or deflation, bear markets or recessions… flash-crashes or rising interest rates. Don’t just take my word for it — the numbers speak for themselves… Since I went public with my 10 “Forever” stocks in mid-July, – They’ve returned 10.0% on average, compared with a 0.3% gain in the S&P 500. – Nine out of 10 are in the green, and our biggest winner is up 20.9%. – Seven are already showing double-digit returns. – Four … Continue reading