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Top 5 Gold Stocks To Watch For 2017

Saving for the long term remains a persistent challenge for many Americans. Whether they can’t afford to set aside money for retirement or they’re simply not making it a priority, too many Americans have little to nothing saved for their golden years. There will come a time when, either by choice or by circumstances out […]

Top 10 Performing Stocks To Own Right Now

China, Brazil, and Hungary are Strong Performers Emerging markets continued to gather momentum and flows following the June Brexit vote and, in the third quarter, outperformed most global indices including the S&P 500 Index. Large caps outpaced small caps, again extending the performance gap for the year. Growth stocks staged a modest comeback over value […]

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Record levels of oil and gas properties changed hands last year with the industry’s bad times seemingly behind it and oil prices on the upswing. All that deal activity – mostly between private and public companies — may lead to some mid-sized publicly traded companies being in play in 2017 as larger companies look to boost their development prospects and free […]

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Federal law requires public companies like Wells Fargo to warn shareholders about non-routine legal proceedings. Yet it has now emerged that Wells Fargo stayed silent for at least six months about the fact that authorities were investigating the bank’s creation of fake accounts. Wells Fargo (WFC) confirmed on Thursday that it was in talks with […]

Top 10 Performing Stocks To Buy For 2017

It’s been an interesting few years for T-shirt manufacturer Delta Apparel (NYSEMKT:DLA). A huge spike in cotton prices in 2011 helped turn a near-$2 EPS in FY11 into a loss in FY12. (DLA fiscal years then ended in June; the company moved to September in 2013.) Delta managed to recover in FY13, getting EPS back […]