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Hot Undervalued Stocks To Invest In 2017

There are many alternative models for attempting to estimate how undervalued or overvalued the stock market is. Among them are: Price/Book P/Retained Earnings Q-ratio (Market Capitalization of the entire market /replacement cost) Market Capitalization of the entire market / GDP Shiller’s CAPE10 (and all modified versions) Typically these explain 60-70% ofthe variation in stock returns. […]

Top 5 Value Stocks To Watch Right Now

There is no doubt that tanker markets have entered the down cycle. Fortunately, the downturn does not seem too severe so far. Weighed down by a large number of newbuilding deliveries, earnings of the main crude and product tanker classes had hit multi-year lows in the third quarter. But they recovered towards year-end as winter […]

TWTR Stock: 3 Big Reasons Why You Should Exit Twitter Inc (TWTR) Stock Today

Twitter stock looks like it is only headed lower in the coming months. Here are 3 reasons why you might want to exit TWTR stock. Flickr Shares of San Francisco, California-based Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)have had a tough time this year, falling by close to 12%, even as a host of tech names have enjoyed a […]

The Benefit Of Subscription Fees

Despite growing engagement and constant signs of the value of the real-time data of the Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) social media platform, the stock recently dipped towards the all-time lows. Ironically, news leaked of work on a game changing premium subscription service that could usher in the era of a new valuable revenue stream. At just above […]

Snap Inc. (SNAP) Stock Falls Below $20. What Next?

Snap Inc. stock closed below the $20 mark for the first time since its IPO. Is it time to sell SNAP stock? Or, is it a buy? Flickr Venice, California, based Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP), owner of the popular photo sharing platform, ‘Snapchat’ has now been listed on the NYSE for a fortnight. The company’s life […]