Up And Coming Stocks 2013

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I have never been a big fan of gold investing personally. The yellow metal is, of course, the premier non-performing asset in the world. Gold accomplishes nothing when held as an investment. It creates no jobs, no products and no ideas. It simply remains in a vault. However, its scarcity makes it an excellent hedge against inflation, something which the Fed’s current monetary policy has only bolstered. However, nothing lasts forever, and the sun will set on the Fed’s policy of cheap money. Is it then worth the risk to invest in these gold stocks before the big price plunge? Up And Coming Stocks For 2012: Citizens Inc. (CIA) Citizens, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides life and health insurance policies in the United States and internationally. It primarily offers whole life insurance, endowments, credit insurance, final expense, and limited liability property policies. The company?s Life Insurance segment offers whole life … Continue reading